Floating Bathroom Storage Design Ideas Ideas You Must Have

Creating a storage design in a bathroom with a floating concept would be an important thing you should know and you can apply it to your bathroom. Floating storage on the bathroom wall can make the bathroom feel more spacious, especially if your bathroom is small and narrow. Take advantage of storage on the wall well, so the bathroom can look neat and stay cool.

Having lots of storage is an important part of the design of the bathroom to make it more functional. Whether it’s with modern interiors, rustic, Asian, tropical, rustic style, or classic style, whether it’s especially in large or small bathrooms, storage in the form of shelves to put various toiletries and hygiene and cosmetics are needed. So that toiletries are not scattered on the floor which will give the impression of being poorly maintained.

Well, for some inspiration on floating bathroom storage racks, you can see in the presentation below, so that you can later apply them to your home’s bathroom.

Unique Bathroom Storage Ideas
This floating style storage is a little more unique than before. Using painted iron like a basket placed on the bathroom wall. You can put towels and some other bathroom equipment in this storage.

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A comfortable bathroom requires materials that can give a sense of warmth to space. Wood, one of the materials. Bathroom wooden shelves can be the right choice. This inspiration utilizes a gap in the wall as a wooden shelf. Then the sink table also uses the same material.

You can create a shelf in stages with a size that matches the shape of the remaining space. The results of this custom wood shelves are more accommodating to the needs of homeowners rather than the finished shelf.

Hopefully, this article can provide suitable inspiration that makes the bathroom more presentable and more impressive.