Do it yourself! Easy Ways to Clean Your Home Ceiling

Do you have trouble cleaning the ceiling? Then I have some easy ways to clean your home ceiling. As you know, the ceiling of the house is a difficult part to clean. Even though we all know that the area is very easy to get dirty. The dirt quickly lands on the ceiling, like cobwebs and dust.

And of course, because of this, you must have trouble cleaning the ceiling area of your house. But now, you don’t need to be confused anymore because I have a way to easily clean house ceilings.

Well, here are some easy ways to clean the ceiling of the house:

1. Recognize the Type of Home Ceiling

Wooden Ceiling Interior
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The first step that must be taken before starting to clean the ceiling is knowing which type of ceiling you use in your home. There are various types of existing house ceilings that use wood, gypsum, plywood, and other materials. Because each ceiling has a different way of cleaning it.

2. Prepare A Cleaning Tool To Clean Your Ceiling Area.

Prepare A Cleaning Tool
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After knowing the type of ceiling, you are now preparing a tool to clean your ceiling. The tools you can use can be a broom that has a long handle and a dust straw that can reach your ceiling area and other tools.

3. Prepare Additional Cleaning Tools

Prepare Additional Cleaning Tools
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The additional tools here are tools that you can make yourself such as foam and cloth tied with raffia with wood that is long enough and suitable so that it can reach difficult areas.

4. Re-paint the ceiling to make it look new

Re-paint the ceiling to make it look new
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Painting the ceiling is the last step if you have a stained ceiling area. Stains here can be caused by roof leaks and other things. So to keep it looking beautiful you have to clean the nodes with sandpaper and then a cloth so that they are easy to paint. That way you can get a new and beautiful ceiling again.