6 Fascinating Modern Living Room Decor Ideas on a Low Budget

Everyone wants to have a modern living room because the appearance that adopts today’s style will make you fascinated. The living room is the face of your house so it must be designed and decorated as best as possible. For example, you would prefer to design a modern living room with a patterned wall sticker.

What you can put in your living room depends on the size and contours of the room you have. If you get a multipurpose room, the furniture must be arranged in a certain way. Because the living room can serve many purposes, or a family may want to remember to combine different types of furniture to serve guests.

The choice of the color scheme must match the overall design idea of ​​the space. Make the most of your living room by properly arranging furniture and decorations. If you want to redecorate your living room but don’t want to spend a fortune, you might want to copy some of the modern living room decorating ideas below!

Here are 6 Fascinating Modern Living Room Decor Ideas on a Low Budget

Modern Living Room Apartment
Decorating a modern living room can be done by presenting a photo of a painting on the wall that is in harmony with the concept of space. You can see this first idea, also the addition of plants beside the sofa makes the living room look even more enchanting.

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Modern Living Room Decor Ideas
Here you only need a unique decoration such as an artistic and attractive mirror as in the picture. Its appearance will make guests interested in having it. In addition, elephant ornaments make the living room less monotonous. You have to try this style.

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Modern Living Room Interior
Wall decoration is indeed the main choice in getting a cool impression on the room. You can collect your best photos on the living room wall. So the living room is more attractive and amazing.

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Modern-style Living Room Ideas
You can apply wallpaper or just stickers for the living room wall so that it doesn’t look monotonous. Try to see this idea, very interesting and awesome, right?

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Playful Modern Living Room
To be more cheerful with a modern living room, you can choose a variety of pillowcase colors for the living room sofa. Choose according to the design of the whole room in order to get a luxurious appearance.

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Simple Modern Living Room Decor
You can also apply simple decorations to a modern living room. Like using a motif pillowcase or tassel for a crowded impression in the living room. Displaying a photo of a painting is also the right choice so that the walls don’t look empty.

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Are some of the modern living room decoration options above what you want? I hope this helps!

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